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Student Services

The concept of globalization is driving businesses the world over; and none of us wants to be left behind in the race to succeed and earn our rightful place in all of this – wherever it is. Academic excellence, without a shred of doubt, is the key to breaking through and staying ahead of the rest in order to suit the needs of the dynamics of everything going global. One of the tried and tested routes toward this end has been overseas education, which has helped many Indians stay up to speed with the rest of the world. However, In spite of the dawn of the information age, it isn’t always easy for the youngsters to find, as indeed tread on the right academic path to success. In fact, the amount of information floating around everywhere regarding overseas education is often overwhelming. This is where IMAK’S proven and demonstrable experience of providing student services that are in-tune with the changing times comes to the students’ help. IMAK’S services have helped students decipher the uncertainties and unlock the possibilities of studying overseas; thus, allowing them to find their feet and feel at-home in internationally acknowledged destinations for academics. 

Counseling / Expert Advice

IMAK’S working style hinges on an underlying philosophy that each student wanting to study overseas has a different idea of what s/he is going to be made after completion of educational life and, hence, has a specific and different requirement altogether. Therefore, it is paramount to ensure that those planning to pursue studies abroad are well seized of the truths - the possibilities and perils alike, else such endeavors may turn-out to be less than fruitful. Ever-mindful of this fact, the highly experienced student and career counselors in the ranks of IMAK’S expert panel assess the specific needs of each student and offer advice that truly aligns with the students’ career and life goals.

Admissions / Application services

Admission procedures could be a cumbersome lot. The complexities of getting enrolled for a course at any internationally acclaimed school of learning as such, could be challenging often. But you don’t have any reason to fret as you’ve come across just the right people to help you get admission ever-so-seamlessly. Our admission liaisons work in close co-ordination with the admissions officials at the the concerned institutions to ensure that you obtain easier, faster, and assured enrollment into the course of your choice. 

Visa and Immigration processing

IMAK’S provides visa consulting and processing services to students seeking admission into an intended institution across the world. Our services include student visa documentation and filing. Further, we also offer documentation processing, application and filing services for immigration. Our Immigration Processing Department is equipped with the most experienced and best-in-the-business team. As overseas visa and immigration processing are intrinsically policy-driven and, hence, rules may change regularly, our team ensures that each visa / immigration case is evaluated and processed in conformity with the latest rules and regulations. Thus the applicants can rest assured that only the strongest of documentation supporting each visa / immigration application is submitted. Our efficiency is bolstered further by employing as well as working with proven and accredited immigration lawyers. Talk our team today and get your visa / immigration processing underway!